Hurry! Everything 50% Off At Belkin’s Online Store This Month



We’re big fans of Belkin’s products, especially the fantastic N750 Dual-Band N+ Router and the Conserve Insight energy meter.

Now you can get these gadgets, and everything else Belkin makes, for 50% off using a simple coupon code.

The code is “FB50” (no quotes) and is good through the end of the month. But better hurry, the entire internet seems to be in on to it. The Belkin store is getting hammered today. A lot of stuff will sell out quickly.

In our review, we called the N750 N+ Router the “supreme burrito” it’s so good. Now its $130 price tag is just half that.

We also went crackers for the Conserve Insight, an energy use meter that changed review editor Eli Milchman’s charging habits. “Every home should have one of these,” Eli says.

And don’t forget Belkin’s new line of iPad kitchen accessories, which are also on sale.

Via Life Hacker.

  • HenryMcNinja

    Their site just went down xD

  • K weld

    site is broken due to traffic overload!

  • Jeffrey

    Normally when a website is mentioned in an article there is usually a link to go to said site…

  • sm_fu

    in case you could not figure it out, but i’m sure it’s hard to make out the words in the article due to said strip of hair covering your eye

  • rhodaroe

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  • Mike google

    this is sad. Belkin website suck big time.

  • GH

    Didn’t include a link…?