Target Marks iPad 2 As End Of Life… Are They Expecting The iPad 3 In October?



Well, that’s certainly interesting. Target has just declared the iPad 2 in its end-of-life. Interesting, because it implies that Apple’s about to release the iPad 3, but ultimately, more likely some database enterers wishful thinking or a screw up than anything else.

First noted by TipB, the iPad 2 has been marked as discontinued at Target… well, at least the 16GB model in WiFi, Verizon and At&T flavors.

TipB hopefully asserts:

That implies that we will not be ordering more, which implies a new iPad is forthcoming rather soon (October-ish, say). Either that or Target’s exiting the iPad business, which seems unlikely. A lot of the cases have gone clearance too.

There is zero chance Apple is going to release an iPad 3 next month. Rumors always suggested that if Apple did release another iPad this year, it would expand the iPad into a product family, so it would be a different model entirely — an iPad Pro, or the like — and wouldn’t discontinue the existing iPad.

And why should Apple release the iPad 3 right now? The iPad 2’s sales momentum is a juggernaut right now, and the competition doesn’t have a single tablet that is competitive. Apple can comfortably wait until early next year to release their next tablet, if they want to.

I say this is just some data entry mistake. As you were.