iHealth Brings a Virtual Doctor’s Office to Your iDevice



I was just speaking with another reviewer here about how surprisingly common it is for manufacturers to copy each other’s designs. To ‘port an entire line of products, though, is a little more unusual: iHealth has just announced an app-enhanced digital scale, blood pressure monitor and baby monitor that mirrors Withings‘ entire lineup, gadget for gadget.

The first of the trio is the iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor, available now through their site for $100. In October, the company will ship their iBaby Monitor ($200) and the iHealth Digital Scale ($70). It’s interesting to note that two of the iHealth gadgets are priced lower than their Withings counterparts (Withings have not yet settled on pricing for their baby monitor).

Just like the Withings systems, all connect with iHealth’s free apps found on the app store (the only one currently available is iHealth BPM).

Update: an iHealth spokesperson points out that iHealth, not Withings, was first to announce and ship an app-enhanced blood-pressure monitor:

The iHealth blood pressure monitor was not only announced and available first, it’s also been picked up my major retailers including Apple online and in-stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, Costco, Best Buy and a host of others…it took six-plus months for the Withings BPM to be available in the U.S. 

  • supertino

    For such a well designed website and product and high production value of the videos on the site, the accompanying text looks like it’s written by a kid or a non-native English writer. For example: http://www.ihealth99.com/BP3_d… and slang like “If you wanna got the local phone number…”

  • Foodie In Disguise

    I like the idea of the Witings Blood Pressure device not being tied down to a table unit like the iHealth. I’m a cardiac patient and when working out, I can have the Withings with me on the treadmill, while the iHealth model needs a place to sit. Hopefully with the introduction of these products, whitings will match.

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