Windows 8 Tablet and iPad Running iOS 5 Side-by-Side Comparison [Video]




The above video, by Winrumors, showcases a Windows 8 tablet running alongside an iPad on iOS 5.

Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 to developers at its BUILD conference earlier this week. Alongside the software, the Redmond giant also announced a series of tablets running Windows 8, one of which is featured next to the iPad in the above video.

This video serves as a quick demonstration of several compared scenarios on the two platforms. More in-depth walkthroughs will likely be posted as Windows 8 matures out of its beta stages.

(via 9to5Mac)

  • Cameron Silverfish Karnes

    At least MS is trying to use a noticeably different UI/X with their foray into the tablet world (I’m looking at you, Android).

  • Jack McClauren

    That Windows 8 seems to be a better inversion. iPad is still just a big iPod touch.

  • Custom

    Look very nice (window 8 tablet)…

  • OEB

    Looks good.  I like the app level system control panel on the right. I like the active data tile structure.  I hope it does great and pushes Apple to excel.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    However, the iPad is a shipping product that anyone can buy.  Windows 8 tablets are just prototypes.

  • Jack Holland

    Interesting demo, but would someone ask the chap at Winrumors to look up the word ‘literally’ in a dictionary ? It’s like, sort of, literally driving me insane.

  • David

    Nice comparison for a novice.  But totally unappealing in terms of why would I want Windows8.  Most of this comparison was on customization and setup … who needs that?  What the average person wants is to open the app and do something.  Windows8 is like windows has always been, bore in layer after layer to get anything done.  Confusing to the masses IMHO.

  • ElWeroOjiverde

    Sorry for the guy who describes each device in this video, is just hideous to listen to his voice, I couldn’t watch the full video.

  • Dave Stephens

    Do you really think Windows 8 won’t make it to a small form factor? When it does, your criticism falls apart – poof!

  • AshleyTUnner897

    ,. amazing,
    I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HTV for only $251.92, they are both coming tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prîces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
    I use EgoWï

  • TylerHoj

    The Windows 8 tablet is massive! Is it even possible to hold with one hand and type with the other? Jeeesh…

  • Cindon83

    Most boring video EVER

  • GrimWit

    wow, really… hey guess what else… you suck!!

  • 473

    its funny reading all you apple head comments…yall are sooooo in denial omg lool…clearly yall cant face the simple fact that from the looks of things…Windows 8 IS going to be a major competitor for the Ipad/OSX…infact…it even looks better!!…all the tablets and desktops that are goin to be running Windows 8 have to do…is get the Hardware right (i.e make it slim,attractive with lots of features)…and they’re going to give the ipad a hell of a run for its money…dont get me no Microsft head…I own a mac book pro, an ipad and an iphone 4…im just stating the facts

  • Bluestar_bluestar

    Windows 8: Release date & What is in store http://morldtechgossips.blogsp

  • Jason Allen

    I expect the iPad 3 and possibly a new iOS will be out by the time Windows 8 reaches the market.  It’s nice to see Windows 8 is shaping up to be quite good, my only slight concern is it still looks a little confusing for the mass market…

  • gareth edwards

    I kind of agree BUT one of the compelling reasons as to why the iPad has become so popular is down to the overall ease of use. The WinPad looks great but from what I have seen, both here and in other vids online, the overall impression is one of increased complexity. Not saying that this is bad, it’s just a tougher looking system to interact with.  

  • Martin Neo Higgins

    You are joking right? Confusing to the masses? Are u insane? Windows is the most well known and most used platform in the world. Confusing?? Macs are confusing to windows folks. U suck

  • Hampus

    Yea, windows might be the most well established platform out there, that doesn’t really help it when the general UX is changed completely though the name won’t automatically make people understand it…

    That said, I’ve seen how stupid some of the PC users are, if they can figure out how to use facebook on Windows 7 even thought they don’t know how to make a desktop shortcut or copy a file I’m sure they can figure it out with metro :p

  • Hampus

    It looks like a widescreen 10.1″ tablet, that’s more or less the standard depending on how you look at it.
    Most tablet models use a 10.1″ widescreen, but most tablets don’t (as the iPad is in a clear majority).
    You’ll probably be likely to get smaller ones too.

  • Hampus

    It sure would be nice if iOS could get something like the Contracts in Win 8 so that developers could trough such means add their app to for example share menus.

    It’s hard to say if Win 8 will be much of a competitor in the tablet space, it sure looks good I  can’t argue against that, I really like many of the features they’ve put in there and I’ve always liked the metro look. It all will come down to apps though, will developers actually code Metro apps? Or will they just say “Meh we have a normal windows app that works fine”, will it get any “killer apps” such like Flipboard on the iPad, this is something Android tablets are struggling with.

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  • Nigel Francois

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  • Absolute

    Ummm, Android 3.0 looks like iOS?

  • Martin Neo Higgins

    ok, and every mac user is entirely competent??
    No, Every mac used seems to have their had stuck so far up their ass because they have a device with a fruit on it
    Open your mind(Kuato)

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