Stevie Wonder Thanks Steve Jobs For Making The iPhone Accessible To The Handicapped [Video]



This is a pretty wonderful video. Soul king and all around beautiful person Stevie Wonder made an appearance last week at a nightclub in Los Angeles and gave a little speech on helping people with disabilities.

One company that Stevie Wonder specifically highlighted? Apple. Wonder personally thanks Steve Jobs and Apple for making the technology of their iOS devices accessible for everyone, saying “There is nothing that you can do on the iPhone or iPad that I can’t do.”

I’m not so sure about that: I’m pretty sure I can beat Stevie Wonder’s score in a game of Plants vs. Zombies for example. That said, Apple has made wonderful strides towards accessibility with iOS, and once voice recognition comes to iOS 5, they’ll be trail blazing yet again. It’s astonishing that iOS is as usable is it is by the handicapped, and it’s all thanks to Apple’s ingenuity.