Facebook Messenger for iPhone Goes Global — Download It Now!


  • Brent Davis

    It’s not in the Australian app store yet? :(

  • Guest

    not available on the Spanish Store

  • theonlycog

    I still do not understand why they needed this split off as a separate App. 

  • Bull

    not in australian app store?

  • cxczc

    not available in sweden!

  • maique

    also not available in the portuguese store.

  • nass

    not available in saudi arabia

  • dbalieiro

    . Unless there is some limitation related to iPods, the App is not avaiable @ App Store Spain

  • dbalieiro

    usually to limit the number of users, to correct bugs and legal papers in some lands…

  • Barton Lynch

    i don’t know why this is needed in addition to the facebook messages

  • JustinGloeckl

    Not in germany

  • Ephimetheuss

    Yeah, doesnt Show up here in Germany As well.

  • mnm

    Not available in Japan too

  • beb

    by global, where do you mean? it is nowhere?

  • Be

    Not in Belgium

  • sajinseethi

    not available in India either !!!

  • Bla

    not in Germany… i read that they added only UK to US and Canada 

  • Zahid Mansor

    not so global!!! not in Malaysia yet! huh!!!

  • Wane Creasey

    Bell is from the U.K. What he means by global is actually just the U.K…

  • Steve Wagner

    It’s definitely not global.

  • Chris Camps

    Who would want it anyway? My Facebook chat is integrated in my ebuddy messenger, together with my msn, yahoo, etc etc.

    Why add yet another chat application?

  • philipengberg

    Not in Denmark dude!

  • imikec

    Tough crowd.

  • Bruno Gama

    not in Brazil, that is sad. my hopes to get rid from the whatsapp are gonne

  • kyerussell

    No it isn’t; not in Australia at least.  Nice false information.

  • Boyan:)

    available in the UK :) not sure what is the point of the app yet

  • angelrc

    not in Mexico nor in Sweden

  • Andrej Botos

    It’s still available only for US…

  • roy levy

    not in Israel also… :(

  • Sqewie

    Not in the dutch app store either.

  • Pepe

    Not even for iPhone. No availability whatsoever…

  • steve0hh

    not in singapore too..

  • Yancuic_pedromn

    isn’t in mexico but already exist cydia

  • AaronJones

    Not in Japan yet either. 

  • Juan Carlos Pelayo S

    Not in México!

  • Kit

    Not in hong kong yet

  • Facupuig

    Not in Argentina either!

  • Guest

    what kind of news is this? xD

  • jeetkl

    yeah its available now, i have used it but nothing new, just i could sms and can search easily. thats it.

  • Miksta

    Still not in Australian App Store…

  • Felixhoffmeyer

    Not available in Germany!