Logitech Unveils Two New Bluetooth Gadgets for the iPad [Hands-On]



A pair of new goodies from Logitech were revealed today; we actually snagged a little time to check out both when Logitech lifted the curtain for us at a sneak preview a couple of months ago.

The first is Logitech’s new Wireless Boombox for iPad ($150) — really a modified S715i, a Logitech dock we reviewed earlier this year. The new version trades in the docking hardware for new Bluetooth capability.

Everything else is identical: same clean design, same speakers, same price. It looks like they’ve dropped the remote, which was pretty dinky and likely won’t be missed with a Bluetooth unit anyway.

The other item is the $70 Wireless Headset for iPad, a set of on-the-ear headphones with an adjustable boom mic. It seemed fairly comfy, and the swinging boom is neat.

But why Logitech has tacked the word “iPad” onto this headset is puzzling, since VoIP services like Skype don’t support Bluetooth yet — so there’s no real reason for the microphone. FaceTime, maybe. Except that the headset isn’t exactly graceful; I can’t imagine too many people wanting to videochat with it perched on their head. It’ll probably partner well with a MacBook Air for Skyping on the road, though.

  • RyanTV

    So you got a hands on with it and wrote a post about it and didn’t mention one thing about how it sounds? Come on now.

  • elimilchman

    We weren’t given much time with the Boombox. Any off-the-cuff remark I could have made about how it sounded wouldn’t have been very meaningful, especially when we’ve actually reviewed its non-bluetooth cousin (the S715i, a link to which is provided in the post) in detail; the two should sound very similar, if not almost identical.