If Nothing Else, Sphero Promises To Be the Coolest Cat Toy Ever [Video]



Sphero was unveiled months ago at CES, and remote-controlled spherical object fans everywhere have been eagerly awaiting its official release ever since. Today, the company announced that final production models have just arrived.

They’ve also made a funny video (embedded below) of cats getting all befuddled by whizzing Sphero prototypes.

If you missed it at the time, Sphero is a tiny little ball with some clever electronics inside. You control it from your iDevice, sending it scooting in any direction you like. You can even simply draw a path for it to follow, and off it goes.

You still can’t buy one – not yet. What you can do is sign up to pre-order for $129, which includes an inductive charger and all the apps and extras you might need; or you can watch this video to see just how irresistible the Sphero will be to your feline buddies.

Here’s the vid:

Sphero + Cats from GoSphero on Vimeo.