How To Make Your Own TARDIS iPad Case [Found on Etsy]



Whatever you do, don’t blink. Otherwise you might miss the superbness of this Who-tastic iPad case, and instructions for making your own.

For just two dollars, you can buy the pattern for this smart multi-dimensional iPad sleeve, and make it yourself with some yarn, some needles, and a sonic screwdriver.

Just like the real TARDIS, this one’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. On the outside, you have a 7.5inch by 9.5inch crocheted sleeve, but on the inside you have more hours of entertainment than most of us can handle in 11 (count ’em) lifetimes. Having a time machine would actually be quite a good way of keeping up with it all, wouldn’t it?

(Hands up who else is really enjoying the current series of Who?)

  • Samuel Shallenberger

    I’m pretty much addicted to Doctor Who! This is so cool!

  • Denno

    Now all I need is a stylus that looks like Doctor 11’s sonic screwdriver! Gotta love a madman with a box!

  • Jeremie Veillet

    I think you can find stuff like this on

  • Johnny

    Absolutely loving Dr Who :D

    I’ve just asked my nan if she’ll make me this for Christmas!! :)

  • Felfac

    ha im from britain and in britain so we get doctor who first! yay this is about the only MAJOR programme that we brits get before you americans

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    I’m loving Matt Smith as the Doctor (LOVE!) but am kinda tired of the wibbly wobbly that Moff is so fond of. However, the dialogue is fantastic. And “The Doctor’s Wife” is now one of my favorite episodes.

  • Dilbert A

    The acting is great but I don’t like the writing this series and the past.

  • Oprah Noodlemantra

    It’s a bit contrived, isn’t it? There have been some great moments (Matt’s “Hello, Stonehenge!” speech, pretty much all of “The Doctor’s Wife” and some really poignant moments between the Doctor, Rory and Amy – “We’re all stories in the end”), but the plotting is haphazard and just a little too silly overall (the Doctor going back in time to tell himself what to do? Nine and Ten – and pretty much all the classic Doctors, would have shat themselves at the very idea). While Series 6’s opener and “The Doctor’s Wife” were fabulous, the rest of the series has been a bit of wet fart aside from the moments that save the story (through the acting, dialogue). I’m extremely tired of River Song’s storyline. I’m ready for the Doctor to once again take front and center and the wibbly wobbly with the companions to be sidelined. I have no more desire to find out that River Song is Amy’s childhood poodle’s first owner or that Amy Pond actually gave birth to River’s grandmother who was actually Amy’s mother. Stop the madness!

  • Samuel Shallenberger

    Umm… we get it at the same time…