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Unhappy With Lion? Your New Mac Mini Will Run Snow Leopard



If you purchased one of Apple’s latest Mac minis to find you have a massive hatred for the new OS X Lion operating system, then you’ll be disappointed to find that you cannot downgrade to Snow Leopard. However, that may not be the case…

According to MacBidoulle, you can boot and run your new Mac mini operating system using a clone from a recent MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard. Machine translated, the story reads:

I just got a Mac Mini in 2011 i7 / 2.7 Ghz. [Out of] curiosity, I checked if it could boot in 10.6.8 with the clone of my MacBook Pro.Comme I thought the motherboard was put in point before the release of Leo, this should logically boot mac with Snow Leopard. This is indeed the case, as evidenced by this screenshot.

However, there are some issues you should be aware of: the Ethernet hasn’t properly been tested just yet, and the new Radeon video cards in the latest high-end Mac mini will need some hacking if you want to get the 3D functionality back.

If those issues don’t put you off and you’re willing to give this hack a try, let us know how you get on.

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