Verizon to Launch $50 Unlimited Prepaid Plan, Right in Time for the New iPhone [Report]


Verizon iPhone

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Verizon Wireless is launching an unlimited voice and data prepaid plan. The plan will compete directly against Sprint and T-Mobile’s prepaid options. AT&T already offers a prepaid plan for $50 called GoPhone.

Verizon’s new $50 plan will include unlimited talk, text and web usage. Starting this Thursday, the plan will be available to eligible Verizon Wireless customers. It looks like iPhone users have one more reason to switch to Verizon.

“Verizon Wireless will begin offering the plan–which includes unlimited talk, text and Web use for $50 a month–on Thursday, said spokeswoman Brenda Raney. In addition to Verizon stores, it will be sold at Best Buy Co. (BBY), Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) and Target Corp. (TGT) locations.

Verizon is making the push into unlimited prepaid plans as the category drives customer growth on Sprint’s Virgin Mobile and Boost brands, as well as MetroPCS. Prepaid plans, which have historically been marketed to lower-income customers, are becoming more attractive as the cost declines and phone choices improve.”

As the “cost declines” and “phone choices improve.” Interesting.

Apple has been quoted as saying that it has been trying to “figure out” the prepaid market, and CEO Tim Cook has said that Apple doesn’t want to make products that are “just for the rich.”

It’s rumored that Apple will make its first foray into the prepaid market this Fall with a cheaper iPhone model. Details are scarce, but it would be a crying shame for Apple’s next event to come and go without an iPhone that’s primed to take advantage of Verizon’s new plan.

  • Bitter Witch

    Available to ELIGIBLE Verizon customers.  What does this mean?

  • EmmaMitch5611616561


    I just got a $829.99 iPåd2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
    I use BÏDFiRsT. COM

  • Brett Davis

    I 2nd @google-7e978b0b7dcc9117270f68731f08be3f:disqus I’m interested in seeing what this is all about. I have 15 months left in a contract however this would cut my bill by more than half, as well as provide unlimited usage instead of a set amount of minutes.

  • Tcphoto1

    My contract expires on 10/22 and I will drop AT&T like third period French if I can get that package.

  • Andy Mayce

    So if I were to go get an iPhone I would have to pay $649 or whatever it is for the phone itself but pay less on contract? does that make sense?

  • Bitter Witch

    I read on the Wall Street Journal article that this will only be available for current Verizon customers beginning Thursday and there won’t be a great list to choose from:

    New Verizon customers will be limited to four phones from LG Electronics Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. and Pantech Co., though some older prepaid phones can be used for the unlimited plan. The devices aren’t smartphones, so they do not have full Web-browsing capability.

  • Gregintosh

    Makes sense, otherwise my $170 a month plan with 700 shared minutes, 250 texts, and 2GB of data would look overpriced if I could get unlimited for all 3 and still save $70.

  • Les Surdykowski

    iPhone 4S will be the more expensive and larger capacity iPhone.

    The new iPhone that everyone will be talking about and the one with the slim tappered design (what everyone is calling iPhone 5) will be to iPhone what the iPod nano is to the iPod classic. It will be the cheaper and extremely popular offering and will be what will take advantage of this plan.

    Or will it . . .

  • Ricky

    This plan though is only available for non smart phones. I currently work at a cell phone center and our verizon rep has said there is currently no plans on making this plan available for smart phones anytime right now.

  • zupplemental

    Yes, yes it does. Lets say you pay $650 without and $199 with contract. Thats $450 difference…
    The savings of this $50 unlimited plan would be $35 minimum, per month ($40 voice + $20 unlim txt + $25 not unlim data) = $85 monthly contractual plan. You would pay yourself back on the extra cost of a full price iPhone in ~13 months. ($450/$35) Then you can upgrade to the iPhone 6 next year a few months after it comes. Assuming it’s release 1 year from the iPhone 5.

    Too bad this is all that math is a mental exercise in futility, as this $50 unlimited plan is not going to be available for smart phones.  :(

  • lumpia91791

    Sorry doesn’t make sense because YOU are saving money over the life of your contract. Just ask Google how that venture worked out where you bought a phone flat out and saved money every month vs subsided phone with its plan….

  • lumpia91791

    Thank you. I knew there was some kind of “catch” knowing its Verizon. The lack of smartphones being eligible was what I was thinking. Plus prepaid phones usually suck when compared to subsidized phones although that seems to be changing now.

  • Pantyngome

    Anyone find it pretty vague as to exactly what it includes?  One sentence says unlimited talk, text, and *data*, another says unlimited talk/text/*web*

    To me, web and data are 2 different things.  Web is surfing in a browser, data is downloading apps, streaming pandora or slacker radio thru their Android apps, etc.

    So, which is it?

  • Clinton Weir

    I guess it’s rather complicated – you need to consider what number you are wearing and your position on the field.

  • anardo

    I don’t think this will take place… Verizon is not in the business of saving people money…

  • Jason

    Data is any bytes that go between your phone and your network provider. This includes e-mail, internet, apps you download, etc.

    Phones should come at affordable prices and you should be able to choose your network provider for unlimited rates since everything is essentially data. This would provide a more dynamic experience; you purchase the phone you want then put it on the network provider you want.

    This way you are not signed into a ridiculous contract nor do you have to pay upwards of a buck to get all these “services” on your phone.

  • JunitoNH

    I wouldn’t listen to reps. they have no clue, out off the loop. Remember when not long ago they were denying Verizon getting the iPhone 4.

  • Henrieeta

    It says unlimited talk does that include nonverizon?