How to Make iOS Look Just Like OS X Lion


Screen shot 2011-09-13 at 3.43.21 PM (732 x 702)

Those who jailbreak their iPhones have access to a plethora of interesting and unusual themes. While some of these themes are less impressive than others, a new theme has popped up that stands out from the rest.

Want to make your iPhone look like it runs OS X Lion? There’s a jailbreak theme for that. And it looks incredible.

Highlighted by iDownloadBlog, OS X Lion Ultimatum skins your iPhone to look dead up like a Mac. The details are scarily accurate. Right down to the menubar, dock and even initial setup — this Dreamboard theme has it all. The developer even implemented Misson Control!

Check out this video walkthrough:


You can grab the beta of OS X Lion Ultimatum for $3.50 in the ModMyi forums. iDownloadBlog has a page dedicated to Dreamboard themes for information on that topic.

Who’s impressed?