How to Make iOS Look Just Like OS X Lion


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Those who jailbreak their iPhones have access to a plethora of interesting and unusual themes. While some of these themes are less impressive than others, a new theme has popped up that stands out from the rest.

Want to make your iPhone look like it runs OS X Lion? There’s a jailbreak theme for that. And it looks incredible.

Highlighted by iDownloadBlog, OS X Lion Ultimatum skins your iPhone to look dead up like a Mac. The details are scarily accurate. Right down to the menubar, dock and even initial setup — this Dreamboard theme has it all. The developer even implemented Misson Control!

Check out this video walkthrough:


You can grab the beta of OS X Lion Ultimatum for $3.50 in the ModMyi forums. iDownloadBlog has a page dedicated to Dreamboard themes for information on that topic.

Who’s impressed?

  • Michael Mclean

    I am impressed. Love you Alex
    -Michael McLean

  • Tom McGrath

    This would look awesome on the iPad, but it looks a bit too cramped on the iPhone.

  • BB

    Great for iPad
    iPhone is too small for this theme

  • Nektooo

    Can this work on iPhone 3G??

  • FriarNurgle


  • TylerHoj

    That’s friggin awesome! Except it’s FOL-DER … not FOW-DER. 

  • ericschultheiss

    fawdurs?  Pronounce FOLDERS correctly!

  • AdamFC

    Well that looks completely hard to use and not useful

  • toddgarvin

    That’s the first thing I thought, “wow for the iPad.” I guess they would have to make a special version for that versus the iPhone?

  • EmmaMitch5611616524


    I just got a $829.99 iPåd2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
    I use BÏDFiRsT. COM

  • TylerHoj

    An interface like this on the iPad would be that “iSlate” everyone hoped for, before their dreams were crushed when the iPad actually came out and only ran iOS. If the new iPhone sucks[only in my opinion] then I’m for sure snagging a cheap iPhone 4 and jail breaking it for this very purpose! Very cool. These dudes should call up Apple and try getting a job. 

  • Wander

    This is really cool

  • freedotz

    yet another reason why you should jailbreak your iPhone

  • freedotz

    it is hard to use, and very impractical….wait till you need to make a 911 call and can’t find the phone icon — this theme splits all of your apps into four different locations; your dock, the menu bar, finder, and launchpad.

    many of my apps are nowhere to be found, including dreamboard — making it very difficult for me to uninstall the theme.  btw, the finder looks really cool, but there is no ‘finder’ so you cannot search for an app/contact when you can’t find it.  totally impractical, and buggy as all hell — but it does provide about a minute or so of ooo’s and ahh’s

  • ZeeKazim

    I could see that on the iPad….. :D

  • henrymaxm

    Now that I would love on my iPad! :D

  • Adampardy

    Had a play with it, certainly need an iPad version, it I a little too cramped

  • Virg

    How do I get this? Any instructions?

  • Guntur101

    This is cool but why would I want an OS X skin on a tiny iPhone?
    The UI is too small to manipulate. There is a reason for MacBook Air 11.6″ you know…

  • Allan Cook

    It’s those “who” jailbreak their iPhones. And you’re a college student?

  • Mike Rathjen

    There are way too many jailbreak themes that look cool but don’t really deliver. Typical result is to endure bugs and loss of performance.

  • AugustoZ

    Did it work in iPad 2?

  • Dwain

    This would be awesome on the iPad!!! Gotta love the guys who put together mods like this for the jailbreak community.

  • Pauly

    I have to say that is pretty impressive.  The person behind this spent a lot of time and added a lot of detail. 

    To be honest I’m not sure if I would continue using it long term though.  However that doesn’t take away from the accomplishment or wow factor.

  • Allmynews

    I’m blown away! Thanks for the video.

  • Jordan Clay

    wow….that is a GREAT app…not half a$$ed…i’m impressed..

  • gareth edwards

    that’s one hell of a project. Big slap on the back the the guys behind it. Regardless to its usefulness you gotta give them a round of applause for pulling it off so nicely.

  • i_dontdroid

    To get back to dreamboard, ? logout and brings you to dreamboard to get back to default iOS. Click trash can to create a favorite of Apps that live in the OS X App folder on the dock. Click launchpad icon to get to all your apps. Personally, I would love launchpad on iOS rather OS X. Click the LP icon for a grid of icons. Desktop to house real time widgets.

    I don’t recommend using it until after final release… Why?

    Well after a day of use my iPhone turned off, and when it turned back on kept freezing. Kept having to hard reboot it but it would just keep freezing and respringing. I had no choice but to update to 4.3.5 to get my phone working and lost my jailbreak.

  • Dnibbeling

    WOW! This is a stunning theme. I love it.

  • Out5poken

    Awesome! I need to try this..

  • freedotz

    thanks for the help, although once again… the trash is a pretty unusual place to store your favorites. in all fairness, the iPhone just isn’t large enough to pull something like this off — they could really make something out of this if they worked with the iPad instead…. but I still want spaces on my phone — the current multitasking interface for OS4 sucks.

  • Jeff Also

    That’s amazing but I am sooooo scared of jailbreaking my iphone 4. Sway /reassure me?

  • Veyron Eminem

    wow this should be the next ios theme. ios 5 . under all other improvement like imessage, this should be its appearance, at least on the ipad bigger screen

  • Sascha Jazbec

    too bad my touch 4g is on 4.3.5 which by itself can’t be jb’d. And with the immediate arrival of iOS5 around the corner, we don’t even know how and if we jb then.

  • jjjjosijjjj

    you can jailbreak iPod Touch 4G on 4.3.5 use “redsn0w”

  • slater rocksalot

    the decision between this and ios 5 is actually physically hurting me