In 60 Seconds Thieves Nab $60,000 in iPads From Best Buy | Cult of Mac

In 60 Seconds Thieves Nab $60,000 in iPads From Best Buy



Police in Florida are looking for three men who took $60,000 in iPads from a Best Buy early Monday morning.

From the surveillance video, it took the trio dressed in dark clothing and gloves just a minute to “complete the theft,” the police report says.

The break-in happened at about 4:46 a.m. and by the time police arrived at the scene the crooks were long gone.

In just a minute, they pried open the rear door, made a beeline for the iPads, dumped between 60 and 90 of them in a black bin and ran out.

It’s fast, but still not the record for an iBreak in. Thieves in Ohio took just 30 seconds to empty an Apple retailer of 24 laptops and an iPad back in May.

Breaking those trademark Apple retail glass storefronts has become such an epidemic that the FBI is investigating whether there are professional gangs. Though this heist didn’t happen in an Apple store, it seems like these guys knew what they were looking for.

Via Naples News