Gallery Comparing New iMac Keyboard to Esoteric Apple Keyboards



Apple’s new iMac has one of the coolest, thinnest keyboards ever released. How does it stack up to where the company came from? Blake Patterson set to find out, shooting a fascinating set of other keyboards next to it for comparison, including the Newton, the Lisa (seen above) and the NeXT keyboards.

Very nice.

Via Daring Fireball

10 responses to “Gallery Comparing New iMac Keyboard to Esoteric Apple Keyboards”

  1. Jamie Phelps says:

    I’m not entirely sure you’ve got the correct usage of “esoteric” here.

  2. idogcow says:

    Interesting to watch the Apple logo appear and disappear with the passing of time, perhaps this new Apple-less control key keyboard is just a phase?

    The MacPlus ditches the Apple symbol on the Command key (http://cheapassbastards.blogsp… but the Lisa seems to have a ‘closed’ Apple & the IIGS gets the ‘open’ Apple.

  3. Nicholas Volodimer says:

    Cool ;-)

  4. ladyjaye says:

    The only keyboard he’s missing is the regular white Apple keyboard that preceded the new one. But it is one slim keyboard! Even the Newton keyboard is thicker…. Of course, the Lisa keyboard comparison is most extreme. LOL

  5. Ryan says:

    Have you try typing on it? Awful.