Shipping Times Vanish Completely from Apple Online Store



Following the mysterious increase to shipping times for a number of Apple products yesterday — and the speculation that followed — it seems the Cupertino company has decided to remove shipping times completely from its online store.

The online store went down early this morning for some maintenance, and in addition to revamping the iPad 2 ordering process, shipping times for all products seem to have vanished completely.

For some products, such as the 13-inch MacBook Air in the U.K. store, a “Dispatched” time is shown for products that are out of stock, but those that are available straight away, it simply says “In Stock,” with no indication of how long they’ll take to be delivered.

As we mentioned yesterday, an increase to shipping times for Apple products is usually an indication that a product refresh is on the way. But for them to increase for such a large number of products, as they did yesterday, is very unusual. And for shipping times to disappear completely is even more odd.

It’s possible Apple has removed shipping times in order to prevent speculation surrounding product refreshes, but an explanation to their increase yesterday is still no clearer.

[via AppleBitch]

  • dude

    yea well you are wrong. It is just a simple update to how product availability is displayed. Trust me. I know.

  • dude

    Yea apple doesnt care about rumor sites THAT much.

  • dude

    This story even proves my point. “with no indication of how long they’ll take to be delivered.”
    Product availability is completely different from the delivery all together. Product availability does not equal time before it is available for you to use in your hands.

  • Tony

    Have you considered that a software bug in their supply chain management system caused the shipping times to go up inaccurately, and that they took shipping times off the store until they could fix the problem?

  • Al

    Maybe they are just having technical problems with the feature and it will be back soon.

  • Dking1a

    I would assume that “in stock” means that the product will ship right away – within 24 hours.

  • russhughes

    And tomorrows headline “Apple Now Using Boxes To Ship Products” ffs if you’ve got no news then don’t try and create it.

  • CharliK

    I can understand why they did it. Despite other info many folks still confuse shipping times and delivery times. To Apple the shipping time is how long from order to they send out the box and delivery is the UPS etc time. But to Joe Schmo shipping is order to his hands 

    By just saying “In Stock” or “Temporarily Out of Stock” they are showing what will go out pretty much right away and what will take a few days. 

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