Check Out The Crazy Way This Guy Writes On His Old Apple Laptops [Humor]



With Apple releasing new laptops every couple of years, what’s a Mac lover to do with the obsolete models he’s abandoned in favor of the newest and shiniest new model? Here’s one “ingenious” Mac fan’s solution… and it’s enough to make even this hardened tech journo weep a tear of admiration as he remembers his own cinder block furniture days of post-frat bachelorhood.

Hysterical. He’s made himself a desk out of three 17-inch MacBook Pros, a 12-inch PowerBook G4 and a 15-inch MacBook Pro. I’d call the solution trashy, but to be honest, I use a dead 17 inch MacBook Pro as a serving tray to bring my girlfriend tea and toast in the mornings, so who am I to judge?

What’s your weirdest or most ingenious use for an old Apple product? Email us a pic at with the subject “This is How I Roll” and we might feature you in a future gallery!

[via Obama Pacman]