Apple's Final Cut Pro X Fiasco Means Adobe's Video Tools for Mac Grow 45% | Cult of Mac

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X Fiasco Means Adobe’s Video Tools for Mac Grow 45%



Disgruntled video editors who were unsatisfied with their Final Cut Pro X purchase earlier this year seem to have turned to Adobe’s products instead. The company’s video tools for Mac have seen a 45% growth year-over-year, undoubtedly thanks to the fiasco that surrounded Apple’s latest Final Cut following its release.

Across all platforms, Adobe announced 22% growth for its video editing software, but it attributed its growth on the Mac to the mass of unhappy customers that decided to ditch Apple’s Final Cut software following the release of Final Cut Pro X, in favor of Adobe’s Premiere Pro.

The latest Final Cut software launched on the Mac App Store back in June to a torrent of mixed reviews that criticized the software for its missing features and lack of backwards compatibility. Apple attempted to appease customers with promises of future updates, and even offered refunds to those who were completely unsatisfied.

Meanwhile, Adobe saw a golden opportunity to gain new customers and launched a “switcher program” that offered a 50% discount to users who had purchased Apple’s Final Cut software. The company even set up a dedicated page on its website in a bid to lure video editors over to its software.

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