These Blackbox Cases Protect Your Apple Gadgets in Beautiful Bamboo


Blackbox cases

These BlackBox cases are some of the most stylish cases I’ve seen for our Apple gadgets. Available for the iPad 2, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, they’re all made from beautiful bamboo and provide you with ultimate protection and a super sleek design.

BlackBox cases are designed with protection in mind, and they do an awesome job of looking after your Apple gadgets. They’ve been available for the iPad 2 for several months, and got a 4-star review from us back in May, but they’re now available for your MacBook in bamboo. Lance Atkins, the creator of the Blackbox case, came up with the idea after an African safari:

Lance, the creator of Blackbox Case, returned home with a beat up, dented and cracked screen on his MacBook Pro and was forced to purchase a new machine. Back then Lance envisioned a hard case product that was light enough to travel with and could provide the ultimate level of protection for his computer.  Over the course of the next year, Lance refined his idea and finally designed the first Blackbox Case made from Oak.

They’re currently part of a Kickstarter project and start at $79 for the iPad 2 case, which normally retails for $99. $99 will get you the 11-inch MacBook Air case and $109 will get you the 13-inch model. Prices for MacBook Pros also start at $109. If you really want to splash the case, you can get your Blackbox case laser engraved with your logo or trademark. Have you pledged to secure your Blackbox case yet?

  • Chris

    do they stink like made in china? I once purchased a bamboo iPhone 4 case made in china, and the smell was unbearable :(, well it was only 15 $, too :D

  • Nakia LaCour

    I love them!  Can’t wait to get one!!

  • jowayhee

    nice cases! i want one for my mbp! 

  • Sphuliunga

    Not sure about the weight though. It might defeat the purpose of the lightweight iPads 

  • MancunianCreative WebDesign

    that’s hot!

  • twitter-62476719

    By the looks it looks like good bamboo so it won’t smell! (:


    i would love to buy one but my pet panda would eat it…. Bad Ling Ling!

  • Sean Murphy

    Have you ever actually “touched” bamboo?

  • Chris

    They are locally manufactured in Colorado

  • Al

    It should be okay, bamboo is usually extremely lightweight