It’s Coming! Apple Ramps Up iPhone 5 Production to 150,000 Units A Day


Foxconn Factory

We’re all eagerly anticipating the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, and while the Cupertino company is still yet to announce its release date, the device’s unveiling looks to be imminent as production is ramped up to 150,000 units per day.

Foxconn is expected to reach 5-6 million shipments during September, according to DigiTimes, which cites industry sources, with the assembler putting together 150,000 units a day in its Chinese factories. During the fourth quarter, Foxconn is expected to ship a whopping 22 million iPhone 5 units.

Meanwhile, other component manufacturers, such as lens maker Largan Precision, touch panel maker TPK Holding, glass supplier G-Tech Optoelectronics and battery makers Simply and Dynapak, are said to be “all operating in full swing currently.”

Apple is clearly doing its best to ensure there are enough fifth-generation iPhones to satisfy our needs, and this increase in production — and a decrease in iPhone 4 shipments — indicates the device’s unveiling is now just weeks away.

[via SlashGear]


    I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aha, funny.

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    Her eyes are saying “HELP MEEEEEEE”  

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    Buy an Iphone 5… really… although it will have unique stuff you can never find the difference with it’s predecessors or new additional stuffs that either you never want to use or never could find the use for…but it also packs the reality that Apple really has the knack to sell to idiots!!! Wow!!!

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     have you pulled your head out of  your ass yet?

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    I just rec’d in mail today my unopened IPHONE 4, I am admittingly confused and unsure if I should open it and try it or just send back asap to get the Iphone 5 rumored to be coming out first week in Oct? Can someone help me and let me know the differences of the 2 phones??
    thank you

  • Connor Mulcahey

    check cult of Mac’s article