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Headed Back To School? iStudiez Pro is the Essential Mac and iOS App for Students [Review]



The school year has begun, and students everywhere are starting to hit the books. For the busy student, keeping track of one’s academic schedule is essential.

On the Mac, iPad and iPhone, iStudiez Pro is the best school planner available. The three apps sync with one another wirelessly to keep all of your assignments and info up to date on all of your devices.

On the Mac

iStudiez Pro on the Mac acts as the hub of your digital life as a student. iStudiez Pro handles your academic schedule for you, and the Mac app is perfect for entering all of your information at the beginning of the semester, or when you have several entries to add throughout the week.

The interface is super easy to navigate, and the Mac app lets you see an overview of your assignments and classes, as well as what’s going on for a certain day. The week view gives you a helpful look at what you’re doing throughout the week, with your color coded classes and events displaying in a calendar view for quick reference.

Adding assignments is blazing fast in iStudiez Pro on the Mac, and you can also add info like priority, due date, and even add partners if it’s a group project. All of your assignments can be viewed in a current and completed list that helps you sort out what you have due. Setting a higher priority level for certain assignments makes it so you won’t forget about that big term paper before it’s too late.

Your planner view shows you what classes you have on your plate for each semester, and the grade tracking feature in iStudiez Pro lets you see your academic progress and overall GPA based on the grades and scales you enter for completed assignments and tests/quizzes.

iStudiez Pro on the Mac is also the perfect place to add all of your instructors and holiday information for syncing with the other iStudiez apps. You essentially create contacts for each instructor with email, phone, etc. info that you can then assign to each class for quick reference. Entering your holiday dates will help iStudiez notify you of when you have a break coming up.

iCal is integrated into iStudiez Pro, meaning that you can import selected iCal calendars to show up in your schedule on iStudiez Pro. Also, iStudiez’s notification system will badge the dock icon with uncompleted assignments. You can customize those kinds of settings in the app’s preferences.

Adding your iStudiez Pro cloud sync account on the Mac app will insure that your info is syncing across all of the iStudiez apps.

On the iPad

While the Mac acts as the hub of your digital life as a student, iStudiez Pro on the iPad will probably end up being where you spend most of your time. Just like its Mac counterpart, iStudiez’s iPad version is beautifully designed with all of the features you need to manage your planner.

All of the features for creating and managing assignments can be used on the iPad, and the app’s overview of what you have planned for the week is super helpful. You can manage all of your classes and instructors. Your assignments can be viewed in an intuitive window that sorts by current and completed, like the Mac app.

The grade tracking feature of iStudiez is just as useful on iOS, and you can enter your grade quickly for a completed assignment on the iPad. The grading and GPA scale can be configured in the app’s settings as well.

iStudiez integrates with the iOS Calendar like iCal on the Mac, and certain calendars can be added as a part of the iPad or iPhone app. You can send a backup of your iStudiez data via e-mail from the iPad, just in case you want an extra backup or are in need of a manual restore. Cloud sync works flawlessly.

On the iPhone

On the iPhone, iStudiez Pro somehow manages how to shrink itself while still offering the exact same features as its sister apps.

Where iStudiez Pro for iPhone really shines is notifications. You can set push notifications for class times, exams and assignments. iStudiez will remind you of when you need to get to class or complete an assignment based on the timed notification you set. This same feature exists on the iPad.

The interactive calendar view on the iPhone app looks almost exactly like the native Calendar app, expect your class schedule is displayed with what you have assigned to each day.

Again, all of the features you available on the Mac and iPad app are available on the iPhone. Cloud sync and push notifications make the iPhone version an essential part of every student’s arsenal.


iStudiez Pro is the perfect example of an app that maintains a consistent experience across multiple platforms. You won’t get confused moving from app to app, and you’ll find iStudiez’s clean and simple UI very inviting. It almost makes planning your schedule fun.

With cloud sync and push notifications, iStudiez Pro does it all.

The price? Glad you asked. iStudiez Pro for Mac is available for only $9.99 in the Mac App Store. The app is available as a universal download for $2.99 in the iOS App Store. Cloud sync is free once you buy one of the apps.

Rating: ★★★★½