Conduct Chaos From Your iPhone With This Remote Control Monster Truck



This remote controlled monster truck is the coolest iOS accessory I’ve ever seen. Forget remote controlled helicopters; nothing wreaks havoc like a monster truck, and this one from Dexim is controlled entirely by your iPhone.

It’s called the AppSpeed Monster Truck and it costs just under $70. It comes with a custom-built RF transmitter that slots into your iOS device’s 30-pin dock connector, “placing 360 degrees of excitement in the user’s palm.”

Once installed, you have two options when it comes to controlling your beast. Either use the on-screen arrows for a more traditional feel (boring!), or use the “revolutionary gravity sensor” to control the truck by tilting your device (awesome!).


Not only can you control the direction of your device, but you can also control its speed, according to Dexim, and there’s three presets that allow you to “automatically ZigZag, Spin or Dance your vehicle to music.” Not to mention the multiplayer mode that lets you race against friends.

My Christmas list just got a little longer!

[via Wired]

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  • Joris Van Dorp Schuitman

    I was hoping for a real-sized monster truck to be controlled by your iPhone. The required technology has been around for years, so I’m a bit disappointed. On the other hand, the ‘real deal’ would cost a bit more than $70.