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Using Your MacBook Air For Food Preparation [Ginsu Knives]



We’ve seen a MacBook Air being used to cut a cake, but now the razor-thin notebook can used to process and prepare food acting like a knife to slice and dice a variety of vegetables, fruit and your favorite crustacean.

The MacBook Air is so thin and it makes a great knife to use when preparing a meal. Sakaiehita has published videos on YouTube that show him demonstrating how the MacBook Air is a great creative tool for all creative chefs out there that like to promote risky activities with their electronics in the kitchen.

His videos show how you can use your MacBook Air to slice and dice – mushrooms, an Apple, and some cabbage. He even uses it to peel a carrot and de-vein one of my favorite crustaceans – a shrimp. It didn’t work so well while he tried cutting up a slimy piece of bacon. This is unfortunate since bacon rules the culinary world since everyone knows if you wrap even an old Mighty Mouse in bacon – people will eat it.

The meal resulting from his MacBook Air cook-off and culinary adventure are found on his blog along with a special guest star appearance by the venerable iPhone.

I’m not sure about you, but I still plan on bringing my Apple devices into the kitchen, but only to use Epicurious or some other cooking app to grab recipes from.

[via Gizmodo]