Enjoy Hours of Gorgeous Platform Puzzle Fun With Contre Jour for iOS [Review]



Wait, what? You haven’t downloaded Contre Jour yet? Get thee to thine local Store of Apps and grab it, pronto. If you don’t yet own an iPhone or iPod, go out and buy one first, then get Contre Jour.

Chillingo‘s latest iGame is a delight, a puzzle platform that combines elements you’ve seen in lots of other games to create something new and fresh and gorgeous.

Your job is to guide a little blobby fella (who’s 90 per cent eye) into the target gateways of light. You can’t move him directly, but you can manipulate his surroundings. Morph the ground to roll or flick him about, and grab stretchy tentacles to swing him from place to place.

Like all good puzzle games, things start simple and helpful, giving you a chance to learn the ropes as you play. Or in this case, learn the tentacles. Soon, of course, things start getting complicated.

What makes Contre Jour that little bit more appealing is the fabulous soundtrack and detailed dark visuals. A lot of love has gone into making this app, and it shows.

You might feel that the 60 levels currently on offer aren’t enough. You might wish that more had been done to give our big-eyed hero a story to justify his tentacle-swinging, ground-hugging activity. But I say what the hell: stick some headphones on, enjoy the music, and get swinging. There’s a lot of entertainment here for just a dollar.

And hey, if actor/writer/comedian and celebrity Apple fan Stephen Fry thinks it’s a great game, that’s good enough a recommendation for me. He is, after all, a nerd who knows his stuff.

[xrr rating=90%]

  • Jeff1741

    Looks like World of Goo, if you ask me.. Exactly like it..

  • sloorp

    It’s a mix of “World Of Goo” and “Limbo”. Love the soundtrack. Unique gameplay.

  • Sascha Jazbec

    yeah. This was my 1st thought when I looked at the picture. Ripoff or Licensed from the Goo devs .. that’s the question now.