Atari Prepares Its Own iPad Arcade Joystick To Take On iCade



Smelling the whiff of success wafting from ThinkGeek’s iCade gaming cabinet, gaming giant turned moribund brand Atari is apparently looking to release their own joystick controller for the iPad called the Atari Arcade Duo Powered Joystick.

Not a lot is known about it right now, but Atari just updated its Greatest Hits app to support the accessory, and judging from the screenshot, it looks like it could support both landscape and portrait orientations.

Price, release date? All unknown! Personally I like the retro kitsch value of the iCade better, but what do I know? Either way, these joystick cabinet accessories for the iPad are pretty silly, but you know what they say, on the back of silliness are the fortunes of crapgadget makers built.

[via TUAW]