Invoxia’s New Conference Phone Uses iPhone as Interface, Ties in to Skype



I’ve worked at a few desks that used Cisco VoIP phones (one in the offices among them); but something like the new Invoxia NVX 610 iPhone-controlled conference phone may eventually turn conventional handsets — even VoIP ones — into relics.

 The NVX 610 is Teutonically simple: Besides the handset, a volume dial, mute button and voicemail button are the only controls — with the volume dial doubling as an answer button for hands-free calls. The rest of the interface resides with Invoxia’s free iOS app.

This means calls to both your business and private lines can be seamlessly converged through the base, whether it be standard phone telephony or VoIP. The unit also boasts highly sophisticated conference-call tech, with eight microphones, and eight speakers in the base that Invoxia says allows sound to be projected in any direction.

The NVX 610 is $600 and is available now directly from Invoxia.