Facebook & Twitter Integration Completes Roll-Out Across the Apple Online Store



Apple has now completed the roll-out for social network integration across its online store, allowing shoppers to share every single one of the store’s products on Facebook and Twitter — including third-party items.

The feature was first introduced last month and allowed customers to share a limited number of Apple products with their friends via the most popular social networks. As of today, however, the feature has spread across the whole of the Apple online store. You can access the links in the same way you’d usually save a product for purchasing later: by clicking the drop-down arrow alongside the ‘Add to Cart’ button. If you choose to share a product on Facebook, you’ll be greeted by a pop-up window that is pre-populated with a thumbnail of the product a short description, and a link to the Apple online store: Choose to share it on Twitter and you simply get a pre-populated tweet with the product’s name and URL: This makes it much easier to tweet your gran with your Christmas wish-list, and means you won’t end up with another knitted jumper that you’ll never wear. [via AppleInsider]

  • Howie Isaacks

    I don’t see the point.  Why does someone on Twitter, or Facebook need to know that I’m shopping for Apple products?

  • sal-paradise

    Makes It easier for someone to know what it lurking in the shadows of your home when they burgle it. Think I’ll keep my purchase history to myself, thank you very much. ;-)

  • Howie Isaacks

    Excellent point!  Of course the real reason for this is for the free advertising that this generates.  Everyone I know on Facebook, and the 1100+ people who follow me on Twitter all know I’m an Apple guy.  There’s no need for me to tweet that I’m looking to buy a new MacBook Pro, or to post my interest in Apple products on Facebook.

  • MirelBanj

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  • michaelismichael

    Why exactly is this a story? Oh….long weekend. Right.

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