Apple Opens Up AppleSeed Software Customer Seeding Program For Lion


Photo by Muffet -
Photo by Muffet -

We are receiving reports from readers that invitations to join Apple’s AppleSeed Software Customer Seeding Program are hitting people’s in boxes today. This comes as rumors are ramping up about the imminent release of iCloud, Mac OS X 10.7.2, iTunes 10.5, ATV updates and the iPhone 4S/5.

According to the emails forwarded to us:

OS X Lion Software Update Invitation   

Apple invites you to participate in a software seeding project.  Our program, Apple Software Customer Seeding, provides customers with access to pre-release software so that they may explore new features, perform early compatibility testing, and submit feedback to Apple engineers.  We have selected you, based on a referral and/or prior participation in our program, to assist us in testing an upcoming release of an OS X Lion Software Update.  You must have OS X Lion 10.7, build 11A511 or 10.7.1, build 11B26.  Please follow the directions below to complete the invitation process. 

Apple is doing the right thing since the changes coming this Fall are significant and they probably don’t want a repeat of the MobileMe fiasco a few years ago. We urge anyone that receives this invitation to join the program and take part in this opportunity if you are comfortable with beta testing. It is important and we are very happy to see Apple doing this. Kudos to Apple for going the extra mile by including a wider range of beta testers outside of developers who may only focus on their own problems.

The AppleSeed program isn’t new and it isn’t the only way to report bugs or to make suggestions about Apple products. You can report bugs if you are a registered developer at and you can leave feedback at Apple does listen so users can use both venues to help improve future Apple products.

We don’t know about you, but we are getting excited about what Apple has in store for us in the next one or two months. Although we know we’ll be seeing a new version of iTunes, Mac OS X Lion, iOS for the ATV, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and a new product called iCloud — we still don’t really know what the new iPhone or iPod touch will be like.