Tons of Awesome iOS Games on Sale for Labor Day


  • baby_Twitty

    DO NOT BUY Need For Speed Shift 2.
    i Repeat, DO NOT BUY Need For Speed Shift 2!Go read the reviews, every one is slamming how shift 2’s graphics and gameplay are crap.Even Shift 1 is much much better!Go on youtube and see for yourself.

  • BriZap

    ‘Tis True. Shift wasn’t that great either to tell the truth

  • furiouscookie

    I regret buying it even at $2. It is crap compared to Real Racing HD2 and Asphalt 6.

  • kriswm

    thanks for the heads-up, both above and below

  • Jordan Clay

    I hate how they make you may .xx for the iPhone and then make you pay XXX for the iPad app….i bought your damn app…let me use it on whatever i choose!