Apple Begins Training Retail Staff for iOS 5 & iCloud — Could Release Be Imminent?



In typical Apple fashion, the company is keeping the release date for iOS 5 and the accompanying iCloud service a big secret, but the launch of these products could be right around the corner. According to screenshots taken from its internal RetailMe application, Apple has now begun training retail store staff for the upcoming release of its new services.

A source for 9to5 Mac has provided a number of screenshots from Apple’s internal iPad application that reveals staff training for the upcoming iOS 5 software, and the iCloud service, is now underway. The report also notes that Apple usually only begins training for store staff a couple of weeks before products are set to launch.

This suggests the public launch of iOS 5 and iCloud isn’t far away, and could come sooner than that much-rumored late October release date. Apple typically launches a new iOS release alongside new hardware, which either suggests the iPhone 5 will be accompanying these service in the coming weeks, or that Apple has allowed a longer training period this time around.

9to5 Mac believes it could be the former:

If anything, this iOS 5 and iCloud training news helps support our original report of late September iPhone 5 pre-orders and an early October launch. Evidence that Apple is nearing completion of their iCloud service is a pickup of iCloud for Mac and Mac OS 10.7.2 betas to developers. In addition, Apple’s recent betas of iOS 5 have certainly focused on performance, speed, and the removal of bugs.

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for news of an imminent iOS 5/iCloud/iPhone 5 announcement, which can’t be too far away now. If you hear anything, or you have some news you’d like to share with us, please contact me by emailing, or via Twitter @killianbell.

  • CharliK

    given the number of staff many stores have and the detail that this is on iPads and they don’t have enough for every staff member even on a given shift, it doesn’t shock me that they have started this training. They don’t want their customers knowing more than the staff when this stuff comes out. 

    Also, it is possible that they will release iOS 5 before the iPhone comes out for those on an iPhone 4 etc. And they could release at least some features of iCloud at the same time since the two go hand in hand. They would conceivable want current owners signed up and off that part of the server before the iOS 5 powdered iPhone 5 is launched and all those owners are getting setups etc. 

    Heck it’s possible they could release iOS 5 tomorrow along with announcements to the local press about a town hall on Thursday/Friday with the actual phone launching the next weekend. No matter what 9to5mac thinks or how they try to spin everything to show how right they are

  • WorldsHotCake

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