Get Yourself A Temporary Steve Jobs Tattoo



This seems like a no-brainer. For just fin, you can pick yourself up a temporary Steve Jobs tattoo.

I know my girlfriend’s excited: as my interest in our relationship wanes in exact measure with my growing obsession with Apple, she feels that one of these tattoos, applied as a so-called “tramp stamp”, might be just the ticket to rekindle the flames of our passion!

First person to slather their entire body with these and send us an “Illustrated Man” style photograph wins a prize.

  • Drewstone

    only a complete douchebag would get get this. listen, i like and have Apple products and all but that is just supid!! 

  • Matthew Brennan ?

    $5! You may as well just tell us what the prize is cos it’ll cost more to cover a whole person with these than to just go out and buy this goody

  • TylerHoj

    I just ordered mine! I live near Niagara Falls, Ontario…hope it doesn’t take a decade to get here! I already want a REAL Apple tattoo so a fake one is a no brainer. Nows where’s the cult of mac temporary tattoo!?

  • SpyderCanopus

    Hail Ingsoc!