Check Out Cult of Mac’s Newsweek Contribution, The 10 Commandments Of Steve Jobs [Infographic]


The 10 Commandments of Steve Jobs - Click For Full-Sized Version
The 10 Commandments of Steve Jobs - Click For Full-Sized Version

As part of the recent Newsweek cover story on Steve Jobs retirement and his legacy inside and outside of Apple, Cult of Mac was invited to contribute our own piece about how, more than anything else, Jobs’ true genius is in managing the creative process. Here’s what we came up with: the 10 Commandments of Steve,

Click the image above to see the full sized infographic, and then let us know what you think in the comments!

  • mactarkus

    n architect to design a logo? Wasn’t is Paul Rand?

  • Timmac

    Ummm…Paul Rand created the NeXT logo.

  • bmdonovan

    That was what I noticed right off the bat too. And having Paul Rand doing the logo is a much bigger deal.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    So not just anyone can work at Apple? Interesting.

  • sauerpuss

    If this isn’t a joke, then Newsweek seriously needs to hire a fact checker asap. I.M. Pei designed the NeXT logo? Anyone who has any design knowledge at all knows Paul Rand’s hand is behind that one. Geeez.

  • cesarf

    great article. its my desktop photo now. inspiring in every way… 

  • kym

    They’re all right — Paul Rand designed the NeXT logo. I just saw it on his website a couple of weeks ago and he doesn’t strike me as the type to steal other people’s work ;)

  • Jesse

    Steve Jobs is as brilliant a human being and business man as it’s humanly capable of being!

  • Penelope S.

    John Brownlee might’ve scanned the article in from Newsweek, but why did they list the author as Leander Kahney? It looks conspicuously edited out here.