Apple’s New Diagnostic Tool Could Fix Your iPhone Just By Loading Up Mobile Safari


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Apple is reportedly working on a brand new new online diagnostics tool that could solve problems with your iOS device through your mobile Safari browser — saving you a trip to your local Apple store.

The report comes from HardMac, which claims that the system works by sending you a unique URL which you visit on your iOS device. The web-based software is then able to gather information from your device and determine a solution to problems you’re experiencing.

The news comes from an internal announcement which Apple has reportedly sent out to employees to inform them that work on the service is nearly complete. GigaOm explains why a system like this could make fixing our iOS issues a whole lot easier:

It makes sense for Apple to do this, because one of the first steps in determining what’s wrong with a product brought in by a customer reporting problems is to run a software diagnostic. Doing this remotely could free up time for in-store service technicians, by determining if issues can be fixed at home or should be immediately escalated to a mail-in factory return, and by providing them with crucial info in advance of a customer visit.

The information the tool gathers from your device will also be available to Apple store staff, according to the report, so that if you do have to take it into store, they will have all the necessary information in advance. That information will include details on your battery’s health and charge capacity, the last time it was fully charges, its minimum charge levels, which version of iOS you’re running, and more. Apparently, no personal information will be sent, other than your device’s name and its UDID.

The online tool is expected to roll out within the next few months.