New Low-Cost, Low-Frills iZON Security Cam Monitors from Your iDevice



Like many other connected security cams on the market, Stem Innovation’s new iZon ($130) touts an easy, all-in-one package that lets you monitor your home from the web or an iDevice through its app — but with with apparently  less frills, and at less expense.

The iZon touts easy setup, is motion- and noise-sensing (with definable zones) and lets you watch a live feed for up to five minutes at a time.

One big difference over other iDevice-connected cams that record video is that the iZon uploads its clips to your a YouTube account you’ve set up for it — whereas most other systems either record to a memory card, your computer or a remote server run by a service. There’s also no ability to pan the camera remotely once it’s setup.

Here’s the promo video for more info, complete with de rigueur guy-on-hot-date-surreptiously-checking-on-his-dog scene: