You Can Only Have A Maximum Of 25K Songs Or 250 Gigabytes Of Music In iTunes Match


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If you’ve got a massive music library, better think twice about syncing it with iTunes Match: the maximum size of an iTunes library in the iTunes Match beta is 25,000 songs. Assuming a library in which song is an average of 4 minutes long and compressed in CD quality 320kbps, that basically means the upper limit on a library is a size of 250 gigabytes. That’s pretty generous for a $24.99 a year service.

  • Joe

    It’s generous indeed. But what about larger libraries ? I have one with 29’000 titles and i so dont wanna spit my libraries in two :/  ..

     Why not introduce plans for bigger libraries ?

    Or scan a playlist called iCloud where i can transfer what i really want in iCloud ? Instead of blocking me as soon as i launch iTunes Match cause my library has 29’000 songs ?


    That’s really generous. I would pay allot more for that, and I guess thats a criteria for something that gets really successful and many people end up buying. 
    *Think of an iPhone Nano that’s super thin & light, only has a few gigabytes of storage and all other data is stored in iCloud and streamed.

  • Wayne_Luke

    Pretty sure that after launch they will allow people to pay for the ability to store more songs. The idea that each library gets 250 gigabytes of space though is a little off the mark. They only need to store songs that Apple doesn’t already have in their library. Songs in Apple’s Library can be cloned as needed from a master using temporary storage for streaming. This is why everyone is getting upgraded to the higher quality. You’re not uploading your ripped MP3s. You’re using Apple’s copy of the song.

  • RL

    I would like to see the option to only upload a determined playlist to iCloud, or pay $50 to upload up to 50,000 songs. 

    I am surprised and disappointed by the limit. I want to use the service, I would be willing to pay to do so. I am not allowed to use it because I have too many songs. Strange. 

  • Ben Markowitz

    The limit is only imposed on music that did not come from iTunes.

    See number 2 at the bottom of this page:

    “Limit 25,000 songs. iTunes purchases do not count against limit.”

  • Ben Markowitz

    The 25K song limit is only imposed on songs not purchased from iTunes.

    See number 2 on the bottom of this page:… 25,000 songs. iTunes purchases do not count against limit.

  • cliqsquad

    From my understanding the limit is for Songs matched &/or Songs that are not matched and actually uploaded.Those with big libraries that were mostly purchased from iTunes should do just fine with this limit as it doesn’t count against this limit. However, I am pretty sure that limit does not include Songs that are matched, these songs are already stored and access to them is given to said users. Nothing new is being stored by said user when matching works. It is most like for songs that don’t match and have to be uploaded.

  • John McLachlan

    eeek.    I hope that is tweaked in the final implementation.   I’m fine with a 25K limit – but having no sync at all if you have over 25K songs is a bit abrupt.  I hope cliqsquad is right, and ‘matched’ songs don’t count against the 25k limit.   (although I do have a lot of indie music, so it’ll be close)

  • AlmostDoneWith CoM

    Seeing as how this is a developer beta and not an actual market release, it seems a little premature to conclude anything about storage or library limits. We don’t know what the final product will look like.

  • David1225


  • John Halbig

    Joe, that’s exactly what I was thinking — okay, so I have a truly massive library. Considering I started building it pre-itunes, when… damn, was that MacAmp back then?… I passed the 25K mark a long time ago, even excluding spoken word and comedy albums.

    However, I already limit what gets synced by using playlists based on which device I use. My first generation iPhone “only” has 8GB, so I already don’t want to sync everything (and I *don’t* want those comedy albums, for example), so it gets a playlist that’s a lot smaller than the one for my iPad with 64GB storage.

  • ahinos

    No. *YOU* suck.

  • ahinos

    Yeah, the 0.5% of Apple customers with libraries > 25K will face a serious problem. Apple’s top engineers are already on top of this… 

    I think it was a Steve Jobs era compromise, and already Tim Cook is betting the future of the company on getting > 25K libs possible on iCloud…

  • CharliK

    “Yeah, the 0.5% of Apple customers with libraries > 25K will face a serious problem. Apple’s top engineers are already on top of this… “

    there is that also

  • guest

    I hope that there is some work around offered by Apple. I would not paying more to have my (slightly more than) 50,000 songs added. In fact, I have a lot of duplicates so if they could also delete dups in the process that’d help. 

    But beyond that I also would like the option to include/not include songs/tracks in my library. For example I have various audio files that I’ve used when doing audio and video that for whatever reason I have added to my iTunes library, sometimes just to convert something to an mp3. There is no reason a 2 hour audio recording that isn’t music should be uploaded, for example. Unless I want it to, and that’s why one should have the option. 

    Here’s hoping Apple addresses this before launch, because I’m afraid for all of us with large libraries this is a pretty solid deal breaker… splitting libraries would be ridiculous and the whole point was that “it just works.”

  • guest

    would not mind* paying more. (meaning $50+)