New iPhone Front Panel Strengthens Claims Apple Will Announce Two New iPhones Next Month



For several weeks, rumors surrounding Apple’s iPhone announcement this fall have mentioned two devices: the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4S. While we’re all expecting the iPhone 5 to look different, boast a thinner form factor, and have updated components; the iPhone 4S is expected to look just like the iPhone 4, but could be a cheaper ‘budget’ device.

The latest components sporting that famous ‘N94’ moniker seem to strengthen those claims of a budget iPhone 4.

An iPhone front panel discovered by MacPost reveals that an upcoming iPhone will look identical to the iPhone 4. The panel is marked ‘N94’, which is the internal codename for a future iPhone, and indicates this component is from a prototype device. It is also labeled ‘EVT1’, which stands for Engineer Verification Testing — the final stage of prototype testing — and is dated March 3, 2011.

MacPost reports:

“The LCD part is clearly labeled as N94 “EVT1″ (Engineering Verification Testing) with date ’03-March-2011′. Whilst, the white front cover posted few days back was labeled “EVT2″ with date ’07-June-2011′. Since these are marked as N94 EVT1, the images are definitely of next generation model.”

While we initially expected the N94 to be the iPhone 5, recent component leaks reveal it could actually be that cheaper iPhone 4 that some reports have recently been mentioning. It will boast no major changes when compared to the existing iPhone 4 — the camera, processor and display are all expected to be the same — but it could be reduced to just 8GB of storage to make the handset cheaper.

Of course, it’s possibly that these parts are for the iPhone 5, and that they shatter our dreams of a redesigned fifth-generation iPhone. But would Apple really make us wait 18 months for a slightly upgraded iPhone 4? We don’t think so. What do you think?

[via iDB]

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  • Guest

    I would welcome a cheaper iPhone as I now use my iPad 2 3G for all my music, emails etc so I find most of the functions redundant.

  • baby_Twitty

    Ok we all know there’s gonna be an iPhone 5, but here, i’m commenting about the possible iphone 4(s):

    I really can’t imagine how an 8 gb storage would be much cheaper than a 16gp one. Memory chips nowadays are quite cheap. aren’t they?

    There must be something else drastically different if there’s a new/cheaper iphone 4(s).
    Considering a whole new production line would be put in place for it, with new parts required etc etc…

    Ask yourself this question, ‘What would you allow to be taken away from your current iPhone 4 so that it could be cheaper?” i bet almost every iPhone owner would answer “NONE!”

    Thus, it would be interesting to find out how a new iPhone 4(S) would be actually announced cheaper than the current iPhone 4.

    Or else whats the point of having an iPhone that should be targeting that lower area of the market?

  • MacGoo

    Exactly. Especially with the bulk that Apple buys in, the cost for flash memory is pretty negligible. They are making a lot of their margin on the perceived vs actual value of extra storage on current hardware. My guess is that the 4(s) is similar in form factor to the 4, but rethought to trim all hardware down to allow for acceptable margins in a much cheaper device. And I’m still hoping for a wifi-only iPhone to replace the iPT. Hey, I can dream.

  • Aj Tk427

    They already offer the iPhone 3GS for $99 dollars on contract in an 8GB capacity.  The same is probably going to happen for the iPhone 4, however I am guessing that they needed to adjust the front/back manufacturing to keep the price down.

  • Aj Tk427

    Um, dear Cult of Mac, did you not just post the other day saying that the same cover was evidence that the iPhone 5 was going to be the same as the iPhone 4 with minimal changes????  WTF, stop with the rumor flip flop for christ sake!

  • ram2tone

    There’s a possibility of being right about the manufacturing process because Foxconn is going to buy 1 million robots in the next 3 years. This would help tremendously with the cut of the cost. There’s also another way to cut the cost which I believe phone companies do now anyways which is to add the cost of the phone to the monthly billing process. Instead of paying for the new phone they give it to you free or fraction of the cost. They add an extra certain amount of money to your monthly bill to cover for the phone’s cost. This is probably why it’s so expensive to early terminate your contract because they want you to pay for the phone they gave you free or at a lower price. It can also be a combination of both.

  • MacGoo

    But I don’t want 2-year-old tech. I want them to figure out how to give me a current, Apple quality device for cheaper. And although the world doesn’t revolve around me, Apple’s world does. Me, and people like me who WANT. And we don’t want old tech. A cheaper, contract free iPhone 4s however? DO want.

  • Tim_at_IMM

    It’s about time all devices move past 8GB min. storage. My two year old iPod Touch has 8 GB! There must be some other way to keep costs down.

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