iPhone 4S/5 Parts Indicate Little Change to Apple’s Next Device



More parts claimed to be for Apple’s next-generation iPhone reveal what many reports have claimed for some time: that Apple’s next iPhone could look identical to the iPhone 4 with only a few changes to its internals.

Components passed on to iDownloadBlog, apparently destined for Apple’s next iPhone, reveal the new device’s rear panel and a redesigned flex cable — both of which point to subtle changes within the new iPhone.

Let’s start with the rear panel. At first glance, this looks identical to that currently found on the CDMA (Verizon) iPhone 4, which indicates there may be some changes to the device’s logic board. Of course, the Verizon iPhone does not have a SIM card slot, and so its logic board is slightly different to that found in the GSM (AT&T) iPhone 4.

According to sources for iDB, the panel could also be part of the antenna:

Our source told us that there is word among suppliers that this back may in fact by part of the device’s antenna, which would defy all rumors of a redesigned antenna design. Apple is a company that throws curve balls all over the place to maintain secrecy, so decrypting everything proves to be very difficult.

The panel is also identical to that leaked last week, though it lacks the ‘N94’ moniker, and maintains the same location for the camera’s LED flash; quashing rumors these two components are to be separated in the new device

As for the flex cable, it might be incredibly boring to look at, but it gives away a lot more than the rear panel. According to the report, the proximity sensor and ambient light sensor have been removed from this particular component.

This would indicate either a change to the way in which the sensors are wired up to the device, or a change to the display itself. If you choose to believe in the latter, this backs up rumors that claim the device will boast a larger screen and a thinner bezel.

The source for these parts also mentions an interesting move that Apple could be looking to make with future iPhones:

Our source did indicate that Apple may be working on a special paint to blend sensors with the device’s color. This paint would need to allow light through for the device’s display senors [sic] as well. We find this speculation to be probable, as the iPhone 4S will most likely be an incremental upgrade with different design aesthetics and internals.

As with all leaked components, it’s hard to determine the authenticity of these, and what they mean for the iPhone. While they may be genuine Apple components, they could be from early prototypes that have completely changed along the way. And, of course, with rumors that there will be both an iPhone 5 and a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 this fall, it’s not easy to guess which device these parts could be related to.

  • Ed_Kel

    These rumors are getting a little ridiculous.. For sometime now many have heard that there will be a cheaper version (iPhone 4 look alike) and a new device altogether (iPhone 5). So why do people automatically jump to the conclusion that there won’t be much change when everyone should know by now that there are two phones dropping in Sept./Oct. These parts are more than likely that of the cheaper, stripped down model..

    Rumors are fun to hear, but lately it’s been getting crazy.. Everyone just keep breathing and wait until the end of next month before you buy into “incremental changes”..

  • JobahFolk

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  • JobahFolk

    i cant believe this!! me and my sister just got two i-pads for $42.77 each and a $50 amazon card for $9. the stores want to keep this a secret and they dont tell you. go here BIDSNEW .COM

  • Bluelou65

    i’m starting to think that apple started the “2 phone” rumor to keep everyone guessing; so even if you do see parts leak out you don’t know for which phone.  I’m starting to think it’s one phone and it will look very similar to the 4.  i think apple likes the fact that you can tell from across the room whether someone is holding an iphone 4 b/c of the metal band.  all other smart phones look really similar to each other; and this sets apple apart.

  • Ed_Kel

    I incline to disagree. Reputable sources like WSJ have even reported that Apple wants to break out into the cheaper markets.. 

    I guess my point is that one article shows drastic change while the next shows incremental..

    You could be right, however. I wouldn’t put it past Apple to do things like that to throw off the scent. But then again, why would a company go that far to throw off the scent of an incremental change? And why didn’t they do that for the iMac refresh, among other things? We’ll just have to wait and see..

  • Custom

    If no new 4 inches screen…. Maybe I’ll switch to Android….

  • bored

    Little change, lotsa change, little change, lotsa change, little change lotsa change….
    iPhone 4S, iPhone5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5…..
    Mini phone, normal phone, mini phone normal phone, mini phone, normal phone….

    Do you guys seriously have nothing better to do with your lives? You get paid for this BS?

  • mai duc chung

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