iPhone 5 to Sport Metal Chassis Like iPod Touch, No 4-Inch Screen [Rumor]



A report from DigiTimes today dismisses rumors that Apple’s iPhone 5 will look identical to the iPhone 4, claiming it will instead have an iPod touch-like rear metal chassis with a 3.5 to 3.7-inch display.

That also quashes those rumors that claim the fifth-generation iPhone will have a large 4-inch display, with sources claiming the iPhone 5 will have ” a design to allow the bezel of the panel to become thinner and make the screen look larger.”

However, what’s interesting is that DigiTimes seems to focus on claims made in a video earlier this month that clearly featured a fake iPhone 5:

Despite rumors about iPhone 5 featuring a 4.2-inch panel circulating within the IT market for a while, following a leak from Apple’s website in Switzerland in early August

You may remember the clip in which the uploader claimed to have found a hidden link on Apple’s website in Switzerland, pointing to the iPhone 5. The video was clearly faked, but it seems DigiTimes wasn’t aware of that.

It’s hard to put together a mental image of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 at this time because so many reports claim it will boast conflicting features. For example, based on all the speculation we’ve heard in recent weeks, we can expect the device to look exactly like the iPhone 4 but with a completely redesigned form factor, and have a 4-inch ‘edge-to-edge’ display that will only be around 3.5-inches. The only specifications that seem to have been consistent are the introduction of Apple’s A5 chip and an 8-megapixel camera upgrade.

[via MacRumors]

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45 responses to “iPhone 5 to Sport Metal Chassis Like iPod Touch, No 4-Inch Screen [Rumor]”

  1. Johnson says:

    A whole ‘lotta nothing going on here with this article. Like the iPod Touch, I really hope the new phone doesn’t Include a metal back. That would be pretty ugly, bland, predictable, and boring. The glass back on the iPhone 4, durabilibily issues aside, is a highly sophisticated and elegant design element, that to me at least is highly preferable to metal. Now if only those old Gorilla Glass rumors are true…

  2. Teche21 says:

    wasn’t Digitimes the same website that started bigger screen rumors. this website already says that the news on digitimes is completely wrong and the iPhone 5 will see major design changes.


  3. Asodasodaj says:

    So … What’s the point of this article then?

  4. Deepak K Tibrewal says:

    I like the way you have integrated contradictions and yet sound serious. Seriously, i am sick of iPhone 5 bullshitting over net. But what can be done about it !! We live in largely democratic set up and our constitution give us this freedom, not to mention our love for iPhone upgrades :)

  5. baby_Twitty says:

    ever heard of blog fart?

  6. Ciclismo says:

    “It’s hard to put together a mental image of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 at
    this time because so many reports claim it will boast conflicting

    Somewhere, deep inside the Apple campus, the gleeful sound of high-fives can be heard coming from the Disinformation Dept.

  7. techgeek01 says:

    meh.  :/

    under 4 inches, won’t considerbetween 4 inches and 4.3 inches, might consider
    between 4.3 and 4.7 inches, defiantly consider
    over 4.7 inches, have to see overal size of phone before considering.

    I’m all for making stuff smaller, thinner and lighter, but it comes to a point where something and bee too thin or too small.  And right now, iPhone 4 is on the too small side, size wise and screen size wise as well.

    There are people who have big hands, and we don’t want to feel like we are using a child’s toy all the time, so making something big for use is always a nice thing.  :)

  8. Rford09 says:

    i just want a bigger screen

  9. poppa1138 says:

    Did Apple not so long ago acquire the patent for liquid metal, could this be the new iphone5 case?

  10. Sean Brassman says:

    I just want it to fit in my pocket.

  11. dagamer34 says:

    Because Apple isn’t going to change the resolution, you aren’t going to see anything over 4″.

    3.7″ is far more likely if they bother changing it at all.

  12. crateish says:

    Gah, I hope not. I like the current flat, glass on glass. The curved back of the iPod Touch, makes it easier to drop and is Not as elegant.

  13. rohitkapur says:

    and it scratches super easy
    I never use a case on my iPhone 4 barely any scratches

  14. ALEXMAX90210 says:

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  15. Don Pope says:

    I prefer the iPod Touch. It is a simpler, more solid design. I also think it looks better.

  16. person287 says:

    To be honest I think when you get to a 4″ screen it just becomes too large. Phones stop fitting in lots of pockets, it becomes harder to hold, it’s just not something I like. I’d much rather it stay the same, or very slightly larger, size with the ‘padding’ becoming smaller.

  17. MacGoo says:

    If they upgraded to an iPod Touch-like design, but used the brushed aluminum (ala MBP/iPad/iMac) instead of the fingerprint/scratch magnet that is currently on the back of the iPT, I’d be stoked. Otherwise, bad design decision. The last thing I want is for my new iDevice to look like crap the first time I touch my greasy mitts to its surface.

  18. ADimensionOfMind says:

    Suffering iPhone 5 rumour exhaustion, but still got fingers crossed for a larger screen : )

  19. Wane Creasey says:

    Liquid metal is already in use. It’s what the simcard ejector pin is made from.

  20. Timothy Williamson says:

    I agree, an iPhone with a 4″ screen won’t fit into the front pocket of my skinny jeans.

  21. iDaBoss says:

    i know right? i don’t want to have to wear ugly jeans that make me look fat just so i can have a bigger screen on my phone

  22. person287 says:

    Not even skinny jeans for me. My school trousers barely fit my iPhone 4.

  23. mai duc chung says:

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