How to Clear Your Browsing Info in Mobile Safari [iOS Tips]


Safari history

Have you ever wanted to clear your browsing history or cache? Different browsers from the App Store handle history settings differently.

You can easily clear your web history, cache, and cookies in Apple’s own Mobile Safari browser on your iDevice.

It’s very simple. Go to your iDevice’s Settings app. From there, find the Safari tab and scroll down to the bottom of that settings window. You’ll see the options to “Clear History,” “Clear Cookies” and “Clear Cache.”

Clearing the history will remove the list of web sites that you’ve visited on your iDevice. Clearing the cookies will delete any logins or forms that the browser has temporarily saved from recent history. When you clear the cache, you reset the images, ads, and other graphics Mobile Safari has loaded and temporarily saved for faster load times when revisiting addresses.

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  • prof_peabody

    I disagree with the word “easily.”  You basically have to leave the app, open a different app, and tap eight times.  A setting for simply not storing this stuff would be “easy.”

  • Amardeep503

    this is so dumb!!!!

  • guest

    Nice tip! For the next one, can you show us how to turn on the phone… I’m having trouble with that.

  • tcbritt

    or you could goto to bookmarks, history, clear history.

  • GH

    Seriously?  You took the time to explain this?

    (yes I took the time to type this comment)

  • leifnsn

    LOL I know this…. :) But is it possible to take the backup of these files?

  • every guy with an iPhone

    awesome! now i can finally get rid of all the porn I’ve watched on my iPhone