Running a 21km Apple Logo as a Tribute to Steve Jobs


(all images: Joseph Tame)

In a unique kinetic tribute to Steve Jobs, media producer and marathon runner Joseph Tame has run a 21km long course though the streets of Tokyo in the shape of the Apple logo – and tracked the entire endeavor on his iPhone with GPS and an exercise app.

On his blog The Art of Running, Tame specializes in creating and running large scale shapes and patterns that he can track and map for posterity using the Runkeeper app and online service. He notes that he has become an Apple convert in the past few years and getting an iPhone really changed his life.

It’s for this that I’d like to personally show my appreciation to Steve for his vision and leadership, which has made a direct positive impact upon my life.

This morning’s run, which spanned central Tokyo, took me first down the western side of the Imperial Palace, across to Roppongi, through Omotesando, then up to Shinjuku. The leaf is in Kagurazaka, and the start/finish point just by the entrance to Yasukuni Shrine.

Runtracker screenshot

Other figures and shapes Tame has run in the past include Hello Kitty, the Twitter bird, and his own name. Part performance art, part workout, and fully temporal – good stuff. Thanks Joseph!

[via Slashdot]

  • Slash_Cynic

    So sad. Steve is just stepping down as CEO. He’s not leaving Apple completely.

  • Oluf Nielsen

    See that’s pretty cool! A true tribute.

  • Mohammad Sadegh Farahat

    Thanks for caring :D

  • Adam Rosen

    True, but a tribute is not a eulogy.  Why not thank Steve for a job well done while he can still appreciate it?

  • josephtame

    Thanks Adam. I’ve been meaning to run an Apple for a few months now, but was having a hard time finding the route (these things have to be done so as to take advantage of natural shapes/road patterns in the city). 

    However, with Steve stepping down as CEO it seemed it would make a fitting tribute to him and his time heading the company, so I spent a few hours with Google maps locating/ tracing this route, and then a couple more running it. A lot of fun, and great to see it being so well received.

  • Jay Floyd

    That’s just incredibly sweet.

  • Adam Rosen

    You may have just started a new tradition!

  • josephtame

    I’ll leave it to someone else to run the Microsoft logo when Steve Ballmer steps down!  :-)

  • Runnin_Ute

    Not a big Jobs/Apple fan but this is still pretty cool.

  • Jdsonice

    Very cool.

  • Jdsonice

    Did you have to say that about Apple/Jobs. Could you not just enjoy the achievement?

  • Jdsonice

    If he steps down I will run it. That guy is turing my stock to shit.

  • Runnin_Ute

    I respect what he has done, just not an apple fan – don’t make it more than what the comment is. I thought it was pretty cool that someone would do this and I said so. It wasn’t meant to start anything.  I didn’t say anything except I am not an Apple fan, what is wrong with that?

  • Steven Chaffer


  • NoMeansNo

    Mother of God…


    We all talk and here someone is doing something.

  • Deepak K Tibrewal

    Very Cool. A fitting tribute to Steve !!

  • Deepak K Tibrewal

    Very Cool. A fitting tribute to Steve !!

  • jpday3

    The apple looks rotten

  • Aufdenschlips

    kinda strange to be on this site and not being inclined to apple products,

    don´t you think?

  • Stefibe

    But i don t understand why he used two iphones..?

    Maybe somebody will make an app for running shapes… Everywhere..
    A nice ideaa tooooooooooo

  • Hampus

    Good question…
    Only thing I can think of is having an extra iPhone as battery for when the first one goes out of battery, it’s running GPS tracking software after all, it can drain the battery pretty fast…
    Then again, I don’t think it would drain the battery completely in under two hours… hmmm

  • Runnin_Ute

    Got a tweet, followed the link. Am a runner….
    I get tweets from a variety of sources including tech.

  • Lynn Norris

    Maybe he needed 2 iPhones to track both lines… I dunno…

  • Ronald Stepp

    I’m surprised Apples lawyers didn’t sue them to keep them from running the apple logo.  Heh, kidding, awesome way to run.

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