Check Out This Awesome Reader Made Steve Jobs Mosaic!



To help mark the end of Steve Jobs’ career as Apple’s CEO, the wonderful guys over at Artaic sent us this beautiful mosaic.

Who is Artaic? In their own words:

We are a small start-up company that uses our own CAD software to design custom tile mosaics. This software couples with our in-house robotic assembly system that produces the physical mosaics by picking and placing 3/8″ glass tiles.

Our office is totally Macs-centric, with our software solely mac compatible. We recently ran a workshop at the Boston apple store, that teamed up public artists with architects to create site-specific custom mosaic art, which you can see here

We know Apple will continue to innovate and we try to keep up with them.

Great work. We’re sure Steve himself would be touched. You can find the full mosaic below.