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Is This The Back of The iPhone 5?



Following those pictures of a supposed iPhone 4S frame we published earlier today, we now have photographs of what appears to be the rear casing of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5.

This image was first published by MacPost and shows a white iPhone rear casing, identical to that featured on the iPhone 4. So why do we think it’s for the iPhone 5? Well, it’s a prototype part dated June 7, 2011, and labeled ‘EVT’ — which stands for Engineering Verification Test. But what’s most interesting is that it is also labeled ‘N94’.

N94 is widely believed to be the internal model number of the iPhone 5. It was first discovered in the iOS 4.3 SDK and identified a device that features an Apple A5 processor — the same chip featured in the iPad 2 — which is an upgrade from the A4 chip currently in the iPhone 4.

Boy Genius Report also published photographs of an N94 prototype device back in April. The device looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4, but supports T-Mobile’s 3G service — unlike the current iPhone models. In addition to support for T-Mobile and Apple’s A5 processor, the N94 has a redesigned antenna, which may also tie in with that stainless steel frame shown earlier today.

I know what you’re thinking: how do we know this isn’t that cheap version of the iPhone 4 also expected to launch later this year? Well, if Apple was to launch a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 alongside the iPhone 5, there’s no way it would get the A5 processor. This wouldn’t make it cheap, and it wouldn’t provide enough of a gap between the ‘budget’ device and the new device.

With rumors of an iPhone 5 and an iPhone ‘4S’ budget device, things are becoming confusing and it’s difficult to keep up with these leaked parts. Here’s what I think: there is no ‘budget’ iPhone. There’s an iPhone 4S/iPhone 5, but it’s a next-generation device. It looks identical to the iPhone 4, but has the A5 processor, a better camera, and possibly — possibly! — a larger display.

As MacRumors notes, those tapered iPhone 5 designs have all spawned from a ThisIsMyNext article and then subsequent case leaks from Chinese manufacturers, which have often been completely incorrect in the past.

Sure, I may be completely wrong on this, but that’s what I think. Now what do you think?