Knockoff iPods Given as Swag at Economic Forum, Apple Threatens To Sue



Swiss insurance company Mobiliar gave knockoff iPods to guests at the Swiss Economic Forum. Pic: Berner Zeitung.

The head of Apple Switzerland has threatened legal action after a Swiss Insurance company gave 1,200 iPods to bigwigs at the tony Swiss Economic Forum. Trouble is, the iPods were cheap Chinese knockoffs.

At the Swiss Economic Forum last week, the insurance company Mobiliar surprised guests with an MP3 player that looked very much like a second-generation iPod shuffle.

But when Adrian Schmucki, the head of Apple Switzerland, received his, he threatened legal action against Mobiliar.

Add insult to injury, several of the guests asked Schmucki if the knockoffs would work with iTunes.

The Swiss Economic Forum is a two-day gathering of Switzerland’s leading companies, politicians and academics.

Berner Zeitung (Google German-to-English translation).

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8 responses to “Knockoff iPods Given as Swag at Economic Forum, Apple Threatens To Sue”

  1. Rasheedbutt says:

    Nahhhhhhhhh….Forget about Suing. Apple isn’t so stupid to waste its money on such small companies. If they really were to Sue, they would go China and sue all the manufacturers.