It Was Inevitable, But I'm Still Shocked And Saddened By Steve's Resignation [Opinion] | Cult of Mac

It Was Inevitable, But I’m Still Shocked And Saddened By Steve’s Resignation [Opinion]


image: freeasinfreedom/flickr
image: freeasinfreedom/flickr

Here are some quick thoughts about Steve Jobs’ resignation…

Steve’s stepping down has been some time coming, but it’s still a shock. We all knew he would be standing down eventually, but that was at some point in the future. Maybe next year, or the year after. It was a shock to hear he’s stepping down. And obviously, it doesn’t bode well for his health.

I was standing in line at a store when I heard. Someone shouted out that Steve Jobs had resigned. You could see people were pretty shocked. It felt like a historical moment.

The way he announced his resignation was pretty brutal. Perhaps he should have called a press conference, or announced it at one of his special product events. Instead, he sent out a short, cryptic press release. It explains little, and leaves a lot to the imagination. Of course he’s too sick to continue working. That’s all he does — work. If he’s stepping down, his fragile health must be declining. It’s a sad day. The press release is totally in character, of course, but still a bit brutal and impersonal. Especially for his fans.

Apple’s stock is going to take a big hit following his resignation. It will eventually recover. Smart investors will remain long. But us fans don’t care about that. It’s Steve’s vision and creativity we care about.

He’s had a huge, direct influence on so many of the gadgets we use on a daily basis — our computers, our phones, our music players. And the people under him, like Jony Ive, have doubtless been propelled to greater heights through his leadership.

Apart from the stock hit, Steve’s resignation will have no effect on Apple in the short term. There’re a couple of years of products already in the pipe. On the one hand, he’s obviously irreplaceable. But he’s also molded Apple in his image. His DNA is so firmly embedded in the company, it will run like clockwork without him. I could be wrong. We’ll see.

It’s a nasty shock and a sad day. He’s had a huge influence on our culture. His products are almost as universal as the phone or automobile, and have had as big an impact.