Apple Shares Plummet in After-Hours Trading


image: bombardier/flickr

Apple stock plummeted during after-hours trading today after Steve Jobs announced his resignation.

Trading was frozen at $376.18 a share for Apple, before the Steve Jobs announced his resignation after the closing bell struck on Wall Street today. Shares tumbled after news of Jobs’s resignation, and had already fallen over five percent, or $19, by 5 P.M. PDT.

Apple shares were up a half percent from opening before the news. How far they fall before morning should give some indication of how much the public believes Steve=Apple. Follow the shares here.


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  • Anthony M Perez

    “Oh no! Our stock prices are falling!! Let’s go SUE SOMEONE!”

  • Daibidh

    Is that a rotten apple as a graphic?

    Are you trying to imply Steve=Apple really IS true?  Huh..  and I thought it was just a bunch of short-sighted reactionaries in a panic causing this stock price fluctuation.

  • Dave Stephens

    Go, go, GO!!! The short sighted simpletons are swarming like lemmings now, off the cliff of fear, uncertainty and doubt… I say, wait ’til the last lemming drops and then buy, buy, BUY!

    Heh. I said lemming drops. Yum.  ;)

  • prof_peabody

    Man what a sad little jerk you must be to come to an Apple site on a day like this just to get negative attention for yourself.  

  • gareth edwards

    Pah. Apple is now much more than one man, those on the outside will not really appreciate this change for what it is. If a man can mould a company in his own image then he will have made a company capable of being itself when he leaves. Tim and the rest of Apple will do a fine job I do not doubt.

  • Rd

    Plummeted? Puhlease, a 5% loss is hardly plummeting. Look back at how much it dropped on his other leaves. 

  • Jimmy

    The page you referenced still lists “Steven P. Jobs”  as CEO. 
    Oooops Google still Slacking

  • Mike Rathjen

    A 5% drop is hardly a firesale.