Apple doesn’t do Twitter, but Steve Jobs stepping down is killing the trending topics


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Steve Jobs and Apple may not have an official presence on Twitter but within minutes of his resignation as CEO, the Cupertino company is a trending topic.

Four out of the five trending topics were Apple-related at this writing: CEO of Apple, Tim Cook and STEVE JOBS RESIGNS (caps not ours).

While it’s not surprising that a shift at the helm of the one of the world’s most powerful companies trends on the microblogging service, it’s still surprising to see how fast it happened.

We’re going to skip over all the iQuit jokes; a few of our favorites so far:

“Steve Jobs sets all-time high-score on second attempt, retires undefeated.” Matthew Vosburgh

“Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO of Apple should be no surprise to anyone. It’s been listed on page 46 of iTunes terms & conditions for weeks.” Bill Walton

“Steve Jobs has done more to change our world, the flow of information, technology, the economy and perception of what is possible…” Mark Davidson