The WINGStand Clamps Your iPad to Your Wireless Keyboard And Turns It Into A Laptop


The WINGStand has to be one of the nicest accessories for an iOS device I’ve seen for some time. It takes your iPad or your iPhone and marries it to your Apple wireless keyboard with two simple plastic clamps to provide you with the most comfortable typing experience.

The WINGStand is a Kickstarter project that uses two injection-moulded clips made from recycled plastic. They fix to your battery compartment at the rear of your Apple wireless keyboard, and then to your iPad, iPad 2 or iPhone 4 — in either landscape or portrait orientations. Because both clips are separate, you simple slide them together to accommodate the size of your device.

The WINGStand is just $20, which makes for an incredibly cheap alternative to Apple’s iPad keyboard dock that holds a price tag of $69. If you use Apple’s wireless keyboard to do any kind of writing with your iOS device, the WINGStand looks to be the ultimate accessory.

[via Wired]