Adam Bell “Courted” New Position with Apple Store Visit



This sounds like what people who don’t live in California think people here do on dates:  take a stroll around the Apple retail store in Palo Alto, then have some sushi and a little conversation.

Except that this isn’t a date, it’s the meeting of two businessmen. The Wall Street Journal recounts how Peter Bell decided to court iAd chief Andy Miller away from Apple in an afternoon they spent hanging out together.

After “cruising the Apple store together,” they went for a bite. The rest sounds like something your single friend might gush about later, minus the business.

Over that fateful sushi meal, Bell told Miller the firm was expanding and Miller suggested some possible names. Bell listened. Then, driving home, it hit him.
“I talked to my partners after that and said, ‘I know we’re looking, but we already know the guy: It’s Andy,’” Bell said.

He’s the one! It seems odd to me that no one at the Journal noticed how this sounds. Or I need to take off my curmudgeon goggles and get out more.