Caption contest: Family with Mac Portrait



I stumbled across this photo and it’s been bothering me ever since.

The cover for a Romanian magazine for a special issue dedicated to family portraits, it’s not exactly the Euro-style nudity that bugs me. Maybe it’s the hand positions. Or the soggy-looking diaper. Or something about the fetal position of the cat on naked mom?

Anyway, it needs a caption. Something funny. Better clean. Have at it!

  • ablalock

    Apple Skins

  • imajoebob

    The darker side of the “Apple Tax”

  • Jay Floyd

    Not sure what the caption should be, but male breast exams have never seemed so fun!

  • kkalog

    HTC sueing Apple for patents, this is our last legit Mac. Savor it while it lasts!

  • Alex Stewart

    Apple Fever: It makes you do crazy things.

  • James Horton

    iSkin: Shedding light on Apple’s newest product

  • IgetDoughBoi

    Without my mac I feel naked

  • Jeff Bernard

    Strangling cats is funny in any language. 

  • lals83
  • Jarrod Iversen

    Remember, “Face Time” uses the camera. “iChat” is text.

  • Jenna

    Look at the way the dad’s toes curl in…

  • AnthonyFear

    Not content with removing floppies then hard disks and now optical drives, Apple will soon require users to remove their own ‘unnecessary’ peripherals for the ultimate mac experience!

  • AshleeNicole09041

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  • Andrei

    Magazine is called: “Just A Magazine” (creative, right?), and the cover is part of the 30 family portraits therein… It’s kinda sad-funny in a post-communist realist kind of way. I never regretted leaving that place, and it’s been 21 years already! Besides, there’s no Apple store in the country…

  • hurley999jb

    From left to right, Mac fanboy, Mac Mini and Mac fangirl.

  • scjsj

    Let me know when you’re finished with your cat scan, I think I feel a lump.

  • kavok

    So THIS is what it feels like to be liberated from Microsoft!  It’s making my toes curl!

  • stueee123

    apple supporting a different type of flash..

  • imajoebob

    Apple notebooks still battling heat issues.

  • Robert Pruitt

    No more white Macbook!  Euro-trash rejoice!

  • diesel-benz


  • Stevietdubz

    Apple: we’ll leave you so broke, you won’t afford to feed your cat… Oh and you’ll be naked.

  • Stevietdubz

    Apple: we’ll leave you so broke, you won’t afford to feed your cat… Oh and you’ll be naked.

  • Jonathan McDonald

    “It just works…”

  • lals83
  • John Sarver

    look i can use the trackpad with no hands!

  • Dan Millet

    Caption in heavy Russian accent: Igor, we are here in America and they have no fig leaf, only silly Apple computer.

  • AlterThending

    No, Rex! That is not a magic mouse charging station. 

  • gerenm63

    Not a caption, but … Oh my god! I’m scarred for life!

  • jimjimbobim

    “I told you I could play ‘angry birds’ with no hands!  This new track pad is awesome!”

  • David Garrick

    Having a Computer Without Viruses, means We Can Finally Buy Some Clothes On-Line

  • jimjimbobim

    Thank the maker for shadows

  • Boda Vishal

    Family trying out a New Gesture………

  • danahere

    If you are looking to try something new, the clothes free lifestyle could be your answer to meeting new nudist friends who look just like everyone  naturistmingle dot com is the best choice for you! Nothing wrong with being naked as long as you enjoy it and can handle it. We are all born that way! 

  • Michael Ortiz

    Here is the Lion OS when she was just a kitty. 

  • SVZ eleven

    “Freedom” (Steve always love´d minimalism).

  • lsla5577
  • Chad Neuser

    The magic of APPLE COMPUTER… A Person’s Privates Left Exposed. Clothing Optional, Must Pull-off Underwear To Entire Room.

  • Chad Neuser

    The magic of APPLE COMPUTER … A Person’s Privates Left Exposed. Clothing Optional, Must Pull-off Underwear To Entire Room.

  • Bovikaitis

    Honey! Have you seen this Awkward Family Photos website? What are these people thinking?

  • TylerHoj

    See, there’s a reason why some Apple products get discontinued. 

  • Alan Lekah

    The Secret Life of a Mac User: Revealed

  • Anipz Raymond

    It’s a dog !

  • John J. Stevens

    We had to make a few adjustments to our budget.  But, hey, isn’t this picture great!?

  • Arend Bloemink

    Adam is happy with the Apple by Eve… but who’s that child?

  • Guest

    Just do a two finger breast swipe to open hilarious cat video.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Join the new revolution

    Buy an Apple product and become a apple juice swilling iTard

  • berianlowe

    After reading about the effects of laptops on men’s health, Sabina was happy that her and Dimitri already had children. 

  • AnthonyFear

    Having fully embraced Apple’s minimalist culture, Mark and Gina settle down to listen to the HP earnings call !

  • Jon T

    Let’s sing the The Apple spangled banner just one more time…

  • lsla44
  • Barry Johnson

    Silly American’s saying there is no Mac Tax, we bought Mac and now have no Leu or Euros for clothes. Crazy!

  • gareth edwards

    mom doesn’t care about dad’s new MacBook – she’s too busy playing with her pussy to care.

  • _mcat

    1) Need clothes? There’s an app for that!
    2) Apple discontinues white MacBook after seeing this image

  • lsla44
  • x3b

    Family naked time while mom breast feeds a full grown cat… fun.  Watching dad get his nob polished by his new MacBook… priceless.

  • cyberb0b

    How expensive is a Mac? It’ll cost you the shirt off your back.. And then some… 

  • Robert Motter

    We’ll never stop sharing our memories. Or getting lost in a good book. We’ll always cook dinner and cheer for our favorite team. We’ll still hold our cats like babies, let our children stand around in dirty diapers, and of course laugh uncontrolably while sitting naked on the couch. But how we do all this will never be the same

  • prometheus1981

    Adam and Eve after with their second apple… at ;)

  • cosmin.iftode

    Apple brings to you not only a notebook, but the first notebook which makes a woman excited seeing you playing with it instead of her. :))

  • Alexandru Bejan


  • bobseverns

    I love zapping PRAM