Windows 8 Is Going To Have An App Store Too



It’s been theorized for a while that Microsoft would try to ape Apple’s success with the Mac App Store when they release Windows 8, but until now, it’s just been conjecture. Now here we are, on the other side of the rumor.

Windows Live Division President Steven Sinofsky has just seemingly confirmed in a blog post that Windows 8 will come with an App Store shipped by default.

The post introduces a team of engineers who will be working on Windows 8, including an app store team, an app compatibility team and a device compatibility team.Other teams include Applications and Media Experience, as well as App Experience.

Pretty clearly, Microsoft is following Apple’s lead and making an OS that takes its inspiration from mobile and makes apps a core experience. I wonder how far Microsoft will go with the concept though.

Many people fear that Apple will eventually require apps to be delivered exclusively via the MAS; could Windows 8 beat Cupertino to that draconian punch?

[via Gizmodo]